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Forge/Mods Not Launching (1.12.2)

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Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble getting my modpack to launch the mods. I've made sure that modpack.jar is in the right place and properly named. When I look in the mod folder in Technic, everything seems to be installed from the .zip. The mods load up fine in the normal Forge profile as well. Any ideas?


Dropbox: Removed, no longer relevant

Technic: Removed, no longer relevant


Sorry for asking a question that has been asked a million times. I've tried figuring it out, but I am absolutely stumped.


Edit: Figured it out! Instead of the extracted Forge jar file or the forge.x-universal.jar file, I used the forge-x-installer.jar file and that solved it. I'll leave this up for anyone else who has this problem.

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Problem Solved
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