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How do you launch without technic?

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So as the title implies, I would like to launch the modpack without Technic. Google and forum searches have shown no results regarding launching without Technic, other than shoving the config list into a different management system instead. If this answer has been answered, I cannot find it.

I have installed Technic, Technic has downloaded the modpack, and I have the Blightfall files. Technic's job is done here.
I want to launch the mod pack without any launcher or program, just a batch telling Java what to do. The point behind this is to not be tied to any form of DRM or launcher. The mods individually are free and must remain free and openly available under Minecraft's rules, and additionally, the mods are available individually to begin with. There's no reason why this should not be possible without tie-ins to other applications.

I'm am perfectly capable of file management, manipulation, and modding, so if it involves a lot of manual work that is fine by me. I just need to know what has to be done.

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Not a discussion about Blightfall, moved to Platform Pagoda.

You're free to figure out how to copy and paste files and setting up Forge with the Vanilla launcher; however, you will not receive support detailing how to do so, here. You should direct such questions to the relevant parties.


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