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[3.1.2/3] TekkitRestrict [v1.13 Release] {anti-Dupe/Hack/Grief}


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Hello guys!




Main site: [BukkitDev] < [Download here, get open-source info!]

Linked Patches:

  • [EE2 Patch v2.22] < [Fix 5 dupes and griefing bypasses in one patch]
  • [[ Soon-to-come RailCraft 3.1.3 Tank Cart Dupe Patch ]]


Essentially, this is a bukkit plugin that integrates with the tekkit mods and applies several fixes that "vanilla tekkit" servers would need to prevent griefers to go outright ballistic with the mods. It is a plugin that is right beside TekkitCustomizer in speciality with Tekkit.

This plugin helps admins wrap a noose around the craziness of their servers and control problems such as duping, hacking and griefing.

Here are some key features:

  • 12+ dupe patches
  • Console Log cleanifier and splitifier
  • Most "Tools" in EE are logged via (EE Tools patch v2.22)
  • Tons more features! (24 to be exact)


  • WorldGuard
  • PEX
  • Any SuperPerm Plugin
  • Tekkit: 100%
  • Factions
  • Towny
  • LWC
  • PreciousStones

Known Caveats:

  • Massive config setup... Only advanced users can really setup properties. {GUI for config still in the works}

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