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Need Help finding an older Modpack (Forgot the name)

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The modpack was something about a quest book survival on the moon. You are stranded on the moon and have to survive and find a way to other planets. 
Some mods I can remember are Galacticraft, Bibliocraft, Quest Book mod (dont know the name), Not Enough Items?, and some basic science mods including sifts. The modpack was not very popular modpack but I thought it was well made and wanted to play it again. 

In game you get a small ship with lots of energy to fill up air canisters. Space mobs were also around but only at night. If you die, since you drop your items, the game would give you extra gear to survive.

I believe it was on Minecraft 1.8.2. It had a custom Menu screen with pictures of the moon/space in the background. 

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