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[V 1.0.11]Just Voltz [Pvp][40 slots][25 gigs]

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On the contrary.

The title is wrong, the version number should be first. You have all your stuff centered, and pretty bad spelling/punctuation/capitalization (yes, it matters, before you ask). There's no evidence of additional effort - pictures, clear formatting to make it easy to read, etc.

I would advise not telling me that something follows the rules when it so clearly doesn't. I believe that's why you have the avatar in the first place (I didn't do it, though).

. I know your a MOD but I mean u kind of made your self look like a real jerk.
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my minecraft start spazzing when i use the power armor, power tool, or the tinker table only at the bottom of the screen and i have to close voltz and restart it. what can i do to make it stop D:

I think you might be in the wrong place. This thread hasn't been active for months.

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