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Factions Version is 1.8.0, Spawn Has Been Hit Again, Looks To Be A Regular Player Not Just A Newbie, Right Now I Don't Have The Drive To Fish Through Logs, And Being As How I Can't Get A Measly 3 Days Without Spawn Hits, The Server Can Stay Shut Off Until I Find This Effort, Speed Up The Process By Naming And Shaming!!

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Any ETA on uptime? :( Btw I may have found some way to protect your spawn area. It is a bit crude and may have some impact on server performance. I ran some tests in creative single player and the radar station just isn't reliable. The solution is threefold:

- An EMP station on the roof set to disrupt missiles, 3 basic cubes (2 may do as well) with infinity batteries supplying it with juice, a redstone repeater timer to supply it with on/off redstone signal. The EMP radius will define the recharge time, but the 3 cubes will charge it very quickly. And of course a World Anchor loaded with pearls, picture:


- Make spawn only accessible via /spawn and people can only leave it via a teleporter. if people use /spawn place them in a quarantined area where they are stuck for like 20 seconds before they can wander through the rest of the complex. And then...

- Place a second EMP station (similar design) in the quarantined area that is set to deplete electricity with a safe radius of course so it won't disrupt any other important machinery. This will nullify all devices like rocket launchers, electric bows, atomic disassemblers, all power gear, etc. Basically all the gear that allows people to grief spawn.

Quite a horrendous solution but spawn is big on your server and vulnerable. You know shutting the server down for some time to punish the whole group for the actions of 1 individual will not work. Some people just like to ruin the fun of others and when the server is down they just go to the next server.

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The last few days saw me drop below acceptable depression limits with the server and rather than deal with it only to get more stressed i took a few days for myself to wind down and such, i have a copy of spawn on my desktop, i'm just going to flatten it and replace it to bedrock with a little box for the admin shops for nuclear boilers and nukes...screw the player market spawn doesnt currently survive long enough to warrent one,

For Those Who Still Care, The Server Will Be Back Up In The Next Few Mins, For Those That Dont, I Hope You Have Found Love Elsewhere, May Your Missiles Fly True

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Alright so the first forum update in a while, mostly just an update on my plans and priorities,

Todo and WIP List:

  • Complete Market and Sort Out Stores For Players-WIP,
  • Create and Maintain A Website-WIP (partial fix is temp forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Voltztekk/)
  • Update/Create Custom Updated Modpack-TODO
  • Heal Foot-TODO
  • Survive-WIP

you might have noticed the mention there of

Create Custom Updated Modpack
basically because it seems the technic team are otherwise occupied and voltz 1.1.4 is bugged out worse than 1.1.3...which is still pretty bad... details will be on the forum shortly
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