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WayofTime's EEPower - Mindcrack Pack

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Hello, World!

I am WayofTime, a generally new Youtuber (Youtube name is WayofFlowingTime:, and I am bringing you my own Let's Play series. In this series, which I have entitled EEPower, I attempt to create a large work site, in which I create a large variety of complicated, yet easy to use, builds. Some of these have actually been the first ever such created builds, such as my 5x5x8 Mobile Quarry IV, which uses Redpower frames to move around in all 6 directions, and a Computer controlled Nexus System, which stores Mystcraft linking books for future use - no longer will you need an area the size of a football stadium to store your library of linking books!

If I create something that I think is worthy of such, I then add it to my Supah Project! episodes, where I showcase the build, or in the case of my Mobile Quarries, show you how to build them yourself.

Now, I play the Mindcrack Pack, made by the FTB team - I do not hold any sort of grudge or anything towards the Technic/Tekkit team (that is why I am posting here), but my goal is to have people get inspired by my builds, and fuel some of their own creations! Thus, why we play Minecraft!

For my Let's Play, I post every single day, and am currently on episode 50 of Season 3. You can watch the season premier here:

My greatest creation, for which I am most proud of, is a Redpower computer controlled Autocrafter, which can pull or craft any sort of item, once you use the easy-to-use interface. Watch it here!

I invite any sort of discussion, good or bad, in this thread. If you give me a chance, I am positive that you won't regret it!

Have a wonderful day!

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