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Texture Pack - Faithful Pack [x32] with some mods updated.

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Anyone else having a problem with the textures for dirt/wool/etc. slabs and such? The vanilla slabs work fine but when I hold the non-vanilla slabs, they show me a grey texture of nothing. There are no problems with the textures when placing or dropping them though.

Edit: So I found the problem only affects items from the RedPower mod. Moreover, for some reason it doesn't recognize the textures in the Technical pack but it does when playing Tekkit (using the same texture pack). Much appreciated if someone could help me.

2nd Edit: So I found out it happened because of a bug caused by Optifine. Managed to repair it. Anyone having this bug should google "Optifine Held Mod Blocks Render Issue" and follow the instructions there.

Why not include a link to the guide you used to fix the problem?

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