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Extremely slow FPS

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For some reason, this pack gives me only 9 or 10 frames. I just started up a world today and the game acted like I put hundreds of stacks of items all around. Or as if I set off a stack of nukes in tekkit and all the items were lagging up the server. I've done the basic, fast graphic, lower render distance, but that didn't help at all. Tekkit runs fine for me as with tekkit lite and its 62 mods

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I am also having FPS problems in Voltz, if anyone knows of a fix please share


AMD Bulldozer FX6100 3.3GHz Black Edition


Onboard GFX - AMD 760

MC Settings:

Graphics - Fast

Particles - Reduced

Render Distance - Normal

View Bobbing - Off

Advanced OpenGL - Off

Also if it helps I have 4GB RAM allocated.

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specs of your computer? Bomboy is a dumbass by the way, don't pay attention to him.

Bomboy has *ONE* point though. The 3d item entities can lag a crap computer.

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