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Hey guys! I don't know about you, but the worst part of making a new world for me is starting out. Wooden tools, dirt hovels, and getting owned by mobs is never fun. Plus who has time for that? There's machines to build! So I started spawning in some basic stuff to get me started. I'm not talking stacks of diamonds, just the essentials to get me started, so I could get to the fun stuff a little quicker. It's kind of evolved into a nice little "starting grant" as I've come to call it. This is what I give myself to start.

10x10 two story house made of wood, with panes for windows

colored wool for a carpet on the first floor

1x bed

one of each gem tool (pick, ax, sword, spade, hoe)

1x energy condenser

1x generator (with a stack of coal in it)

1x macerator

1x iron furnace

2x wooden pipes

4x stone pipes

2x redstone engines

2x redstone torches (or levers if you prefer)

This will give you a nice sized house, with the essential machines and pipes to make a nice automatic production line. I also put a chest at the end to receive the smelted ores, and another single chest by my bed. (This chest is purely for aesthetic purposes and I never use it)

1x double chest containing

-5 stacks of coal

-1 stack of gold

-5 stack of iron

-5 diamonds

-5 stacks of redstone

-1 stack of clay

-10 bonemeal

-30 lapis

-10 of each dye

-1 stack of silver

-10 of each gem (rubies, sapphires, emeralds)

-5 stacks of nikolite

-1 philosophers stone

-10 of each covalence dust

-10 uranium

-1 stack of bronze

-2 stacks of tin

-2 stacks of copper

1x double chest containing

-2 stacks of wool

-20 pistons

-20 levers

-10 buttons

-30 redstone torches

-10 dynamite

-10 redstone engines

-30 copper cables

-20 glass fibre cables

1x double chest containing

-1 stack of wheat seeds

-10 saplings(your choice of sapling)

-2 stacks of sand

-20 gravel

-1 stack of each type of log

-1 stack of each type of plank

-5 pumpkins

-20 cactus

-10 beef

-10 pork

-10 melon slices

-5 melons

-10 apples

-1 stack of sugar cane

-5 of each mushroom

-1 stack of fences

-2 cakes

This is a VERY generous budget, and friends of mine that use it often choose to cut a lot of it out (most of the ingots and food mostly). I hope you all enjoyed this list, and will use it when you create new worlds!

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Starting out is the best part of making a new world. Not having infinite amounts of everything at your finger tips. Having to double check for creepers when you stick your head out of your hole. Caving for zombies and mine shafts for your first potatoes and melons. With EE2, desperately searching for just enough junk to convert for you're first energy condenser.

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I can understand where the OP is coming from. I'm not a fan of the start of a new world really, either. however creative just doesn't do it for me. I like the problem solving aspects of the game, setting up infrastructure, creating machines to do what I want, creating more machines to maintain the previous machines, etc. that's what I enjoy. tedious mining for hours isn't exactly exciting to me.

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Yeah, I always go straight for automated mining as soon as I have a basic setup at my base. With computercraft, it's easy to get started because you can just make a mining turtle and you now have infinite everything. :P

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When I first tried tekkit, technic and voltage I did use creative to just screw around for awhile but later on I switch to full survival ( With a bit of flying for my own ease ). It makes the game so much more fun.

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I always play Survival, but I use Creative for experimenting, making proof of concepts and trying out what works and what doesn't.

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