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Guys, greg tech is not that bad even if it add such expensive recipes to IC2, u can change the configs through the config file located in the minecraft folder/config/gregtech/ u can change the bronze recipe which turns the 2 bronze that could be crafted to 4, macerator recipe...etc Greg tech also adds various blocks such as the computer cube,industrial centrifuge, industrial electrolyzer, industrial grinder, industril blast furnace...etc ITS NOT THAT BAD AT ALL!


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This, indeed, would be an interesting and useful add to the already fantastic mods featured in Tekkit Lite. I'm not sure of the legal(if any) or technically difficulties of adding the mod to the default pack, though.

However, Tekkit already offers a personalized list of mods that one can download when connecting to a server. So, although Greg Tech would be a nice add, it would also be redundant.

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The creator of GregTech doesn't mod for others, he mods for himself. He also has no interest in allowing the mod to be played in Technic.

Not that we need GregTech. It turns IC2 into one big, boring grind. And what do you expect from a guy like that? A mod which is actually good? Give me a break. There's threads all over the FTB forums asking to remove it, and tutorials on how to remove/disable it.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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