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Stable Nuclear Reactor

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Used an skipper, found this.

It's just a bunch of quads with condensators. Do you know how much time and resources you need to maintain those? I'd rather have a reactor where you only need to replace the uranium.

REALLY, REALLY good compared to mine. Mine looks tiny now.

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Heres one, takes quite a bit more effort, but more eu/t.

2960 eu/t, very resource heavy (ex. 2710 copper ingots), but a lot of energy enough for 592 UU matter WITHOUT scrap, with scrap you can make a lot more.

I could make one more effecient, but don't currently have the time to do so.

This is a very nice one, If you were to get enough scrap to supply a mass fab so that no energy is wasted then you likely could likely make enough UUs to compensate for the amount used in making Lapis, and copper for the condensators and reflectors. If only reflectors were indestructable huh?

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