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My server is having a serious hacker/griefer problem. Help?

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Long story short, a server that I'm an OP for has been getting griefed every night after all the OPs have logged off. We've been running tekkit 3.1.2 with no mods banned. We have worldguard, and we have made sure that the full areas that we are trying to protect are covered, but somehow large areas have been getting destroyed. At the moment we(the OPs) have no idea how it is being done though, and we could really use some help. If anyone knows what might be happening, or how to stop it, we could really use your help. And if you need more info, just ask for what you need.


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If you're running Tekkit classic, you will have a few mods that are improperly ported to Bukkit. They do not throw proper BlockBreak and BlockPlace events. The major culprits are Equivalent Exchange, ComputerCraft, BuildCraft, Railcraft, Redpower, IndustrialCraft, Balkon's Weapon mod, and modular force field systems.

You have two options, one develop a semi-private community in which users have no incentive to destroy their friends work. Or two, trudge through all the items that bypass protection in every mod and disable every single one of them. If you do a bit of searching on this forum and through Google, you should find a few lists of banned items.

If you need a quick fix now, Equivalent Exchange has the most common, and easiest to use tools for destroying protected blocks.

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Thanks for the quick reply! We've been trying to find a way to let out players keep using EE, but you're definitely right about it going around world protection like it's not even there. We'll run a vote though out player base and see if they're willing to make the server be private. There was one other weird problem we ran into where someone managed to break through bedrock which was making us think we might have a hacker. Any idea what could do that?

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