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[0.6.5]HexCraft[PvP][80 Slots][Bukkit++][antiGrief mcMMO iConomy ChestShop]

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Tekkit Lite - 80 Slots - 24/7 - Grief Prevention - McMMO - ChestShop - Custom Plugins - More!

http://www.hexcraft.org - Server IP: tekkit.hexcraft.org


HexCraft is a fun, large, stable server where players can stake personal claims, interact with many players, and enjoy the features of Tekkit Lite. HexCraft holds special build-off events, PvP tournaments, and is soon expanding our multiverse worlds.

HexCraft admins actively play the game, gathering, building and playing legitimately. Our volunteer staff are mature, helpful and knowledgeable. Our main goal is providing a quality game server for everyone. We have developed custom plugins, and also run on a custom hardware solution. New features and plugins are being added weekly.


HexCraft includes many plugins to enhance the quality of play on our server.

This is a partial list of our plugins:

  • Grief Prevention (100% Protected Building)
  • McMMO (skill levels with great benefits)
  • Multiverse
  • Essentials
  • iConomy
  • ChestShop
  • WorldBorder
  • BattleArena
  • HexCore
  • HexRestrict
  • HexClaims
  • RecipeManager
  • floAuction
  • MoneyDrop
  • and many more!

Personal build claims are created with a simple Wood Shovel anywhere outside of /spawn in homeworld. Player claims are protected from explosions, theft, flowing water, lava, animal theft, crop destroying, etc.. We have spent a lot of time making sure your stuff is safe in your home.

Towns and Cities are active with players grouping together creating large claims and shared sub-claims! Towns get a warp and warp sign in spawn. Cities additionally get common areas. We encourage players to cooperate and build epic-ness.

While our plugin list is larger than some, we are very careful to keep it a Tekkit Server. Most of our plugins add benefits to players investing time into the server.

Disabled Mods: Mystcraft, Dimensional Doors, Logistics Pipes (very unstable)

Disabled Items: Crystal Chests, Battleaxe, canvas bag, seed bag, force fields.


We allow all players to simply join up and play on HexCraft! We however keep all new players at the rank of Guest until they apply on our forums at: http://www.hexcraft.org/forums/. Once you have been approved for membership, you will have access to more in-game commands, and an auto ranking feature to unlock more.


All players who connect, register and login can play on HexCraft as a guest. To become a member with access to more commands and autoranking apply on our forums at: http://www.hexcraft.org/forums/.

We have a /resource world for gathering materials. Typing /resource puts you in a random spot in the resource world. Once you have gathered enough materials to start building go to /spawn and head out of the city in any direction to claim land with a wood shovel. Simply right-click 1 corner, then another corner to create your first claim (10x10 min size).

You will notice that /spawn is reserved for player shops, not housing. We encourage players to band together and create towns & cities. Solitary bases are also welcome. Central city /spawn is the primary shopping market that drives HexCraft's economy.

Server Address: tekkit.hexcraft.org



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help i cant move

You need to do /register yourpassword

but replace yourpassword with what you want your password to be.

Then do /login yournewpassword

we use xAuth for some features we are going to implement.

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Hello, just got on your server today, looks like you got your work cut out for you.

Only thing i found dissapointing so far is /buyclaimblocks for greif prevention is disabled, its a great feature that i advise you incoperate.

Additionally, if your looking to take on staff i'd love to help out a budding new server, I am currently a mod on a great tekkit server, so I have some experience with mod duties. Let me know if you are interested.

Lastly, do you have/are you going to have a website for the server?

Good luck,


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I would like to apply for admin


Im a great guy who loves to help pepole and I am exp in tekkit there are still some things I don't know that I will admit but I would love to see this server grow and not be a greifing ground like another I play on

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CCTurtles banned until we can get them working with griefprevention.

Website is almost ready for prime time.

I heard tht mineing turtles use a fake name as the miner all u need to do is lower the permissions for tht name

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I just tried to connect, it says im not white listed so my IGN is


We were fixing some very bad grief exploits this morning and white-listed the server for around 30 mins. It as all since been fixed, and you can connect normally now.

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Terrible server. Admin online and allowed someone to spam kill people. If you want to get heckled on this server then you can join but expect a number of bullies.

!. Pvp server, its to be expected people die.

2, If the admin wasnt doing anything it was a legal kill an therefore your argument is invalid.

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The spawn is amazing great job

Thanks, as we are a new server, spawn is still a little under populated. Still working on it, as well as getting people to setup spawn shops to boost economy!

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Greylisting has been relaxed, guests are allowed to play, members get additional benefits.

Because of the plugins and setup we are running a registration & login when you connect is required so that only you can access your account (don't use your minecraft password as your register/login password).

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