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MCforums is delusional

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why do we even need a ten hour version with youtube loop? it makes no sense!

Hey guys :D! I'm the creator of the crappy pack you were laughing at :D. I see you guys were having your brain cells disintegrated by how awful it is :D. Don't worry it's not serious, I made the whole pack to be a piece of crap. It's a parody of all the bad packs and posts on the minecraft forums. I'm really surprised that it got to this forum too, I really never thought it would ever get here :o, I'm actually surprised the MCforum admins haven't deleted it yet also. (a group found it on facepunch also XD). Well have a fun time making fun of it, I promise it will be deleted soon... unless... (thinks about mod support and evily rubs hands and laughs manically with thunder in the background while opening up MSpaint).

that is great to know. I was actually starting to think it was a joke with some of the descriptions for blocks, and now that i know it is a joke, it is more entertaining than eye-bleeding.

Darn it. I'm on Linux...


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