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Technic Launcher 2.0 BETA - Get it in here!


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:siren: Good news everyone! The new Technic Launcher is making massive strides in progress and we are ready to have everyone start testing it! :siren:

Download it here: http://beta.technicpack.net/download

The launcher will automatically update when new builds are pushed. For now if you have issues with the launcher please refrain from posting beta bugs on the forums until we have a proper place set up for it. Instead, come hop in IRC by clicking Chat at the top of the forums or joining us with your favorite IRC client and let us know in there.

The launcher is very much beta so a lot of stuff is still bound to change!

Enjoy guys! Let us know what you think!

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Is that your artwork Cheap? I'm loving it. :)

Yup. Everything you can see is me.

Launcher looks pretty nice, but I kinda prefer the old layout. I guess I could get used to it, but maybe an old layout option would be nice.

You're high. It's beta and things aren't visually finished but you're still high.

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What's with the forums accounts not working on the platform site?

That's closed beta.

I guess it's because I never liked stuff like "Press the arrows to select what you want".

Clicking a packs image jumps to that pack. Mouse wheel scrolling also switches between packs, but there are some issues with that we are sorting.

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