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Any way to rollback specific chunks?

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Hello all, I recently started playing on a new server. This server has been trying to implement towny with Tekkit lite. I tried to use towny, and when I disbanded the town, all the modded items became a mess (item id's were switching; for ex: sorters=enderchests; lime rp lamps=nuclear reactors; barrels=dirt). Long story short, my factory is a mess.

Is there any way I can rollback a specific set of chunks?

All help is greatly appreciated.



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He knows of the problem - and is also trying to find a solution. I am just helping to speed up the "solution finding" process. He knows that he can rollback the complete world to a backup, but the problem with that, many people would loose about 10 hours of progress. So, is it a possibility to roll back a few chunks to a certain save?

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