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The server is "full", meaning there are to many people PMing me, but, later on I may accept more people in, you see, I'm not used to watching over loads of people on a server... Nothing personal or anything! If I get a fair amount of PMs, I'll open another Voltz server, (with a little less RAM allocated) and have it open to 20 people at a time. But for now, I can't take any more people into my main server. Sorry.

I got a Voltz MP Server with three extra mods, TrainCraft, Flan's Mod, and Animal Bikes Mod.

I use a Custom Zip URL to get the mods to clients, and I mod the server myself.

It's been lonely a lot, because my friend hasn't been getting on.

I was wondering if anyone wants to join?

You WILL have to PM me, if I post the IP and Custom Zip URL here, in a reply or on the thread, some troll will come on and screw up the main reactor, or something.

Some things you should know:

1: You WONT be oped as soon as you join for obvious reasons...

2: You WILL NOT be allowed into the main reactor. If you get in without permission, I will kick and ban you from the server.

3: You WILL get ALMOST any plane and weapon.

4: You WILL be able to get onto the Star Ship (WIP, not a lot to see)

5: You WILL get SOME animal bikes.

6: You WILL get access to all traincraft trains, and the zeppelin.

7: You WILL get the ground transports.

8: You WILL be able to be my gunner when I pilot the bomber.

So yea. ALSO! The Custom Zip may get changed with new mods and stuff every now and then, I'm thinking of adding the CCTV Camera Mod if it's 1.4.7, so if you have Steam or Roblox, TELL ME and I can add you to my friends list to keep you updated!


PM me if you want to join. Just reply asking for the custom zip URL for it.

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