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Evade Lite

[0.5.7] Evade Lite [PVE][56 Slots][No Lag] Enhance Your Tekkit Lite experience today! - NEED Staff -

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Age: 12, 2 months from 13

Name: I don't want to give it away, but if i have to, just tell me.

IGN: game1310


Time Zone: Central

Why We Should Pick you?: I'm smart, empathetic, clever, and if i have a job i can get it done.

Experience you Have?: i've been on the server for half a week, but on tekkit lite for a month. i've learned A LOT. but i still have more to learn.

One Word that describes you?: hard-working (compound word)

Gender: Male

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Time Zone:GMT

Why We Should Pick you? I am really smart when it comes to mods and tekkit.

Experience you Have? I've always been playing with mods since alpha.

One Word that describes you? Smart

Gender: Male

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Howdy, I'm defiantly going to be roaming around this server! Looks fun! Awesome plugins too.

Age: 23

Name: Kaytee (Seriously, that's my real name)

IGN: KayteeG

Country: USA

Time Zone: UTC- Eastern Time

Why We Should Pick you? I am a mature level headed individual. I don't start fights, and I don't feed trolls if they try and start one with me or others. I am also eager to help others.

Experience you Have? I've been a mod on another server, but only for a week or so. I guess that's not much experience, is it? But I'm eager to learn and gain experience.

One Word that describes you? Kind

Gender: Female

There are a lot of people asking to be staff, so I doubt that I'll get chosen. But that's alright. I'll still look forward to playing and meeting people on the server. Hope to see you soon!

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Website: COMING SOON [saturday]

Welcome to Evade Lite! We are a medium sized server dedicated to our players! Our Staff is dedicated on making the The Server experience better!


Evade Lite, is a brand new tekkit lite server that was made for you the players to achieve the best tekkit lite experience. Our staff is ex-staff from Server Network "iDream Servers", the Admin Evokinz is now the Owner of Evade Lite!, and the ex - owners of iDream Servers are now the owners of Evade Craft that has "Evade Lite" as their tekkit lite server. If your wondering why we are "Ex" its because we sold our network to another company. Well we are restarting to make a bigger and better community!


Well have you ever played on this huge tekkit lite servers and didn't get the respect you deserve, or got griefed the next day? Well on Evade Lite the staff respond to your needs ASAP!, we are here to provide the #1 Tekkit Lite Experience. Our community is nice, with a nice player base from around the world, and currently to this date there hasn't been one grief!


Survivor - This is the default rank. Once you join you will be automaticly in this rank. Currently this is the lowest rank.

- So far, No Donator ranks are released or other player ranks, they will be released Soon [saturday is the Max] -


There are a set of rules to keep our server clean and running. If players are caught disobeying the rules punishment will occur. The rules are as follow:

No Spamming- Nobody wants their chat-box to be filled with constant spam

No Griefing- This is a building server, you grief your out... No warnings

No Stealing- People work had for their items, caught stealing once it's a warning, next time it will be a lot more of a serious punishment

No Harassment- This should be commons sense, do not make players feel as if they are unwanted on the server... They are exactly the same as you are.

No Advertising- This includes other servers, websites or anything un-server related. You will be muted for advertising.

No Duplication- Others get their items legitimately, you should too. Duping is a ban.

No Hacked Clients- If you can't play without cheating then go on another server. This server is not for cheaters.

Don't Leave Machines or Engines on When Offline- This one goes on the honor system. If you leave your complicated machinery or engines on when you are offline you are just causing lag. So please turn it off.






-Player Heads



-World Edit

-World Guard

- More Plugins Coming Soon -


Currently our Protection system is provided by "Factions" but PVP is off, we are currently developing a custom plugin to provide crazy land protection that will use the economy



Our Player economy is made by you guys trading between each other! [by using Chest Shop]

- Currently You Spawn with $1000 - [bug You may spawn with $0, tell an Admin that I had $0, we are currently fixin bug] -




-Minium Stone

-All Warhammers

-World Books

-Mining Laser

[ Cuz of Griefers ]


To Apply for our Server Please Either:

A) Comment Below in this Format





Time Zone:

Why We Should Pick you?

Experience you Have?

One Word that describes you?


B) Go to Our Website [Click Here]

Join the Website then [Click


Then Just Apply



- Coming Soon - [Finishing up Spawn] -

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Age: 20

Name: Cody Baker

IGN: royal_kitsune

Country: Usa

Time Zone: Est

Why We Should Pick you? I am a dedicated staff member for any server i am staff on. i can be on at least 2-3 hours a day maybe more some days.

Experience you Have? Moderater/investigator on a tekkit server, world edit user(i know almost all of the commands and what they do)

One Word that describes you?patient


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i went up a mountain and apparently it's a corrupt chunk. every time i get on, my game crashes before i can get away. is there anyway you can get me away from the corrupt chunk so i don't crash whenever i join???

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Sooo a moderator helped me and he can sell stuff just fine... Could you look into it please? Seems to be just me that can't sell stuff. I tried looking around on the internet and couldn't find anything.

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Alright, my problem was fixed... -.- Lol sorry. I was trying to sell sapphires and green sapphires but I was told to sell them at the ruby sign. So now that my problem is fixed, I can say this is a great server! Everyone keeps to themselves and it's like single player but with other people for company and help

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Age: 20

Name: Toby

IGN: Spaceshipable

Country: England

Time Zone: UK time

Why We Should Pick you? I have helped run servers before, asked to be a Co-Owner of Xtremecraft tekkit when it was still running and was trusted with console access, problem solved console errors, fixed computercraft hacks, fixed bad chunk errors etc. I also had a good rapport with players and other staff members as well as having a sound knowledge of plugins and mods.

Experience you Have? Being an Xtremecraft admin, having console access, hosting private servers.

One Word that describes you? Rounded

Gender: Male

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Hopefully someone with the ability to spawn items in sees this... I had 7 diamonds in my hand when the server restarted and lost them all. I was hoping someone could spawn them back in. I'm being honest; I have better things to do than lie to get me free diamonds. Also, where the hell is the server owner?!

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DON'T PLAY ON THIS SERVER! This server is a huge piece of shit. I thought it was nice at first because most people kept to themselves, but the owner is never on, the server has really bad lag spikes, and someone has been stealing other people's stuff with a mining laser despite the fact that it was banned. Of course, since the owner is NEVER on, there is no punishment taking place. So people continuously steal stuff. This server is not worth playing on.

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Age: 13

Name: Aaron

IGN: reshizekro

Country: United States

Time Zone: Central Time [GMT -6]

Why We Should Pick you? I am a pretty good builder, who will dish out punishments when necessary.

Experience you Have? Admin on a few servers, and currently Co-Owner on one.

One Word that describes you? Intelligent

Gender: Male

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