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[1.4.7] Adventure land[PvP] and[PvE] [20 slots] [ServerZip]

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[1] NO hacking (not possible)

[2] No abusing people

[3] NO abusing mishapen in mc

Mods installed:

[1]FloatingRuins [2]IngameInfo [3]startingInventory[4]ReiMinimap[5]jammy_furniture[6]backpack

[7]CraftGuide[8]CustomMobspawner[9]Mocreatures[10]Inventory tweaks[11]littlemaidsmob


[17]usefulfood[18]balkon weapon mod[19]treeCapitator[20]Optifine[21]TMI

For old launcher

Link for pack:

[size 46.7mb]

The whole story:

I want a cool server that can have some mods but no to many that it will make the server to lag but to make minecraft enjoyable and simple for adventures.

New Launcherof technic:

Technic has updated its platform and requires links from the technicPlatform to use custom zip so here you go.

pictures: :D

This is my favorite texture pack and its not as default for the server or anything.





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O.o server is ether down or white-listed not sure which.... i wants to join so

ign: Amymikune

exp: minecraft 1.8. tekkit since technic pack 1.

age: 20

if i need to add more(or less) tell me ^_^.

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