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How To Set Up a Server with Factions

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Hello all! Since nobody seems to know much about Voltz, today I am going to make a tutorial on how to add Factions to your Voltz server, without it crashing\not working. First off, you need Factions 1.8.0

This is the version that works with Voltz.

Then, after you download that and extract it to your Voltz server running BukkitCraft, configure the permissions so that your users can create\join Factions, and claim land. Thats it! It works on my server. I searched all over and there wasn't a single thread on how to do this, and when I posted a thread asking how, no responses. So, here you all go.

More tutorials to come soon!

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OK so I have tried for like 2 days to get factions to work on my voltz server without having to give people OP. I have tried bukkit permissions. bpermissions, and permissionsEX. I have allot of different permisson.yml files from all of my different attempts but I have the same problem every time I don't know what I am doing wrong. if you have any ideas please I will try anything right now! just need a new set of eyes I think.

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I went through permission hell 101. biggest leason was for me to leave the permission.yml file in the root of the server BLANK and in my case work with the group files under the folder plugins/groupmanager/worlds/overworld/groups.yml there ia also a global group in my case to work with. Hope this helps some what.

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