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Something struck me, possible idea.

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Sounds like a nice idea. water would sprinkle up every now and then from the irrigated blocks. It would offc. moisturize the earth without those pesky water-block every here and there. They might possibly give a slight growth bonus. Also, it might be possible to add fertilizer to the water for a bigger growth bonus.

Lukeb: Seems like you are just arguing for the sake of arguing here.

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Meh, easy enough. Just make a BC liquid compatible block with a custom render, have it randomtick scan through it's effect area to find unwatered farm blocks, and make em watered at the cost of some stored liquid.

Boosting plant growth is easy enough, because wheat and the like are just static blocks that randomtick a bit of code that randomly increments the block's meta data. All you have to do is call the plant's "should I grow" bit of code and it'll increase growth rate slightly.

Bonus points for having the sprinklers put out fires too, and damage blazes/endermen.

No, I'm not offering, just tossing out thoughts. I need to finish my own damn project first, and that requires atleast one night of sleep...

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I would have it use water at a fixed rate even if the blocks are already hydrated. I would also not include a control mechanism in it, like IRL make it controlled by the pump sending it water. That should simplify the block allot right? The tricky part would be handling over watering. Store it in the farm block data? Is there a way to trap reeds check for adjacent water?

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We're on a forum about gaming. Why would we talk about anything but unless we're in Off Topic?

tilled dirt becomes dirt if not kept hydrated. I think he means that instead of using water blocks to keep an area tilled and the crops growing you would instead use a sprinkler system. with water barrels and railcraft tanks, this is not only feasible, but a pretty cool idea. With all the new crops from different mods changing the crop growing mechanics could cause some problems. Still, it's a solid idea.

There needs to be a second subforum for the discussion of mod ideas that aren't necessarily requests.

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