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[1.5.2]Technic Battles Redux[Pvp][72][TBR: The Modpack] Companies, Teams, Politics!

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I may be able to help with modpacks (I've been installing mods myself since Technic when it was in MC 1.1), but since I can't do much on weekdays I may be slightly limited. I'll be fine to do modpack stuff on weekends though.

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I just got back from school. Im exhausted so atm prolo is the only one working on configs. I however wanted to relax me and some friends were going to play some adventure maps and minigames starting with cops and robbers. IP is the ip for this server. Going up soon. Anyone whitelisted here feel free to join

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Oh my, I've just realised I was MIA for at least a month. Sorry for that! :D I just read up on what's happened since I was gone, and what I can tell is: Modpack stuff in dev, Andrew still MIA, currently the server is set to mini games and adventure maps, and Ysharma is getting a homework nuke. If I missed anything then tell me. I'm going over to the forums to find out what I've missed there. Good luck all!

EDIT: Ok, looks like I missed a russian invasion of the forums. Heh. If only I was here, I know russian and could have provided an extremely accurate translation... though now that I read Ysharma's post on the topic, you guys probably don't want a translation. I know I wouldn't. Well, Увидимся, все! (See ya, all!) (technically, it's "See you, all!" since russian doesn't have the word "ya" but eh, close enough, right? XD) Hope you all have a great summer, by the way!

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Not hard at all. The entire revamp of the modpack makes adding new mods a walk in the park. ALl the mods take up item id's consecutively, so adding them is as easy as checking the last added mod and which id's it takes. This is what im adding:




more piistons

fancy gui

immibis microblocks

remove rp2

Project bench

mob amputation

chisel mod

Halo mod

gun cis

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So, I tried to enter the server through my 'vanilla' client, to see if there was a minigame going on or something like that, and when it told me I needed a bunch of mods to enter, I noticed they were all mods from Hexxit, like Harken Scythes and the Nether/Ender mod. So, I'm assuming you've switched the server to Hexxit temporarily while configurating item ID's?

EDIT: Seems like I spelled configurating incorrectly. Oh well.

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