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Top landmarks work, bottom LM don't work though?

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Hey guys.

Im trying to put a filler to work by marking the area that the filler has to " fill ".

For that to work, i have to create a box-like area with landmarks, so i started at the top, and all 4 landmarks connected - terrific!

Then i went to the bottom, to do the same. Everything went fine. Bottom connects with top. But there are two sides at the bottom who arent connecting.

This is odd, as it is exactly the same setup as at the top. I even tried using redstone torches and they connect this way, but as soon as i remove the R-torches and try activating the landmark again, same issue appears.

TLDR: Top square is connected. Bottom connects with top. Two sides in the bottom square refuse to connect despite working with the blue line.

What could be wrong here?

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