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[1.7.10]Tekkitopia[PvE][30 slots] - mature, no kiddos - no bullshit.

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Been playing on tekkitopia for some years and I can really recommend this server. So if you are looking for a mature - stable (long term) server to play this is the right place, almost no banned item

Hello Everyone! I have been playing on this server since early 2013 if not 2012.  Very nice community to play in for mature, well-rounded individuals. We also have microblcocks, zTones, and (my favor

Username: mutedcurmudgeon

Age: 16

Why Tekkitopia? I'm tired of joining these open (not whitelist servers) and having little kids bug me to give them items and such. I also would like to join a friendly server where I could have fun, build some cool stuff, and maybe even make some friends.

Your secret code: 15mut

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Username: duckman1229

Age: 14

Why Tekkitopia? I'm getting pretty bored of other servers that aren't moderated well or even taken care of, in the way that the spawn is griefed or there's the "grieflands" in a 40 block radius around spawn. I would love to join this server to meet some new friends and have a good tekkit lite experience.

Your secret code: 11duc

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Username: Major_Creepist

Age: 15

Why Tekkitopia? I've been wanting to find a whitelisted, mature, non-griefing server for a while now. The ones I usually pick have bad admins/moderators, so maybe this will be different.

Your secret code: 14Maj

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Username: Vizardking316

Age: 20

Why Tekkitopia? im tired of servers with admins who are unfair and people grieving and building on top of me and would like a server were people dont mind playing together

Your secret code: 14viz -not sure if i understood this

i do apologize for any spelling or grammar i do have a slight learning prob

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username: Drewdas

age: 31

Why Tekkitopia: I've been looking for a nice quiet alternative to the server I had been running for friends. Something to play casually, and get to know the new TekkitLite. You guys seem like a friendly bunch, so why not eh? Cheers!

secret code: 7dre

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Age: 29

Why Tekkitopia?
I've been running a server lately for friends and while I still would like to play minecraft, lately I'm the only one about. I'm looking for a public server to continue playing on where I can just play and enjoy myself without having to worry about someone coming by and exploding the universe on me.

Your secret code: 9Rez

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Username: neldasi

Age: 26

Why Tekkitopia? Hi there, i`ve been looking not only for a nice server to play on, but also a nice place where i can meet mature players. I`ve been to many servers but had no luck on finding it, so once again i`m looking for a place where i can build & mine with some new friends. I could tell a little more about my self but i`ll see how it goes for now. Ohh i guess the main reason why i`m applaing here is because i saw that the most people applaing are older that 20 so that`s a good sign. Ok tha was it, hoop to talk to you guys soon. Take care

Your secret code: 7nel

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