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Private Survival Server: Just Send me a message on Skype!

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I'm acsdog. I posted this server a while back, and let me just say I was surprised at how many people wanted to join! I have installed some handy plugins like MyHome, SecureChests, and HawkEye. I would really want more people to join this server. It's not one of those huge, 100 slot servers with tons of moderators and half the mods removed. It's a server run on my home computer, up 24/7, and with little lag at all. Send a Skype message to "acs698" if you want to join. Bring friends if you like! About ICBM: On friday nights at 14:00 (-5:00) we have wars (after backing up the server) with missiles, grenades, and good 'ol swords! Again, just message me on Skype if you want to join. Don't be surprised if I take a day or two to respond (I have a life too, you know!). If I don't respond in two days, reply on this thread. Hope you want to join! *Edit- Players who leave and don't play at least once a week will be removed from the server (too many people join and just leave)

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