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[1.0.13] - [White - List] - [8 Slots] - PixelServers - Voltz

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I decided to make a Voltz server.

Im running it with 4 GB and i want some community!

(We currently have 2 Players + Me)

I dont want immature players that complain about their base

getting blown up.

We removed the whitelist! Enybody can join now.

. Here's how the forms should go:


- Age: 14

- Name: Martin

- Experience: 1 YR with MC and 2 Weeks with Voltz

- Skype: Yes, Russiandew | No


** Tell me your MC name in Skype or if you dont have it, add you'r name in the form! **

Skype: Russiandew

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Age: 15

- Name: jacenhawk

- Experience: 2 years MC 1 day Voltz( i prefer to learn in a community setting so that i can get help if needed and then share said knowledge with others)(also is to prevent my-self from spawning endgame items)

- Skype: jacenhawk

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