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I got this from the FTB forums and some funny stuff came from it there so I'm going to bring it here! I got this from a 118Andrew from this thread. This game is very simple. Look at the avatar a

Did...you just ask to be beaten with sticks on a regular basis?  We can most assuredly handle that.

Your al band.

_Mataroyale_Mod_packer_ is banned for saying NO, while I can. YES I CAN BE AN IRON MAN AND TERMINATOR IN ONE.

He says, having earlier on the same page just talked about following the rules...

EDIT: Derpaderpaderp, never mind.

Industrial miner is banned Because his terminator half looks rusty, and no one likes rust.

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Captain Scar is banned for having a skull and crossbones in his avatar. This could be seen as promoting piracy, so he should be banned so he can get off the Internet and go work so he can buy games rather than steal them :P

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