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I got this from the FTB forums and some funny stuff came from it there so I'm going to bring it here! I got this from a 118Andrew from this thread. This game is very simple. Look at the avatar a

Did...you just ask to be beaten with sticks on a regular basis?  We can most assuredly handle that.

Your al band.

Captain Scar should be banned for having an eyepatch. Those went out of fashion years ago, so he obviously can't keep up with the times and therefore can't keep up with the rules - he should be removed for his own safety.

His last post was also hypocritical :P

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Captain Scar should be banned because of his terrible name.

theprolo should be banned because his right hand has been bitten of by a small dog and he is holding a pitchfork, meaning 1. He can't possibly type, and paranormal activity stays in movies only 2. He is obviously a Satan worshiper because of his clothing and items.
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Theprolo is banned for banning Autocorrect, which is not playing the ban game and is therefore not up for banning.

planetguy is banned for not having a bishoujo(美少女) profile picture like I do.

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