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The Ban game


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how does that involve me

oO_BUBBLES_Oo should be banned for only having a head

jvb50m should be banned for making me begin a sentence with a small letter! My grammar police fingers are greatly offended.

jvb50m should be banned for ignoring capitalization, for making the problem worse with his name, and for being oblivious to the pain he causes us grammar police.

And Mataroyale should be banned for being a ninja.

And I should be banned for not checking what page of the thread I am on.

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Modpacker needs to be removed from these forums. Why does she need to be removed you ask? Because of several reasons.

One reason is she is hiding from her past posts. Why else would she be changing her avatars so many times so quickly? She is trying to hid from other forum goers on other sites, most notably the FTB forums where she put the fan boys into a frothing rage, starting the war that ensued. how did she do this? By constantly spamming the nice happy people of FTB with random modpacks that loaded vanilla despite being advertised as the Official Direwolf20 modpack.

These bad modpacks infuriated the people and since they could not actually internet slap Mataroyal, they went to Sengir to get him to slap the whole community with one fell swoop!

The other major reason is that her one eyed bear is obviously made to try and frighten us into submission. She is trying to take over the Technic forums so she may rule with an iron fist paw! We cannot let this happen! We must act before she can intact her dastardly plan and sell us to Slowpoke after she has had her fun!

Join me brothers! We must stop this insanity while we still can! Any longer and we will lose our grand home land!

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