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I got this from the FTB forums and some funny stuff came from it there so I'm going to bring it here! I got this from a 118Andrew from this thread. This game is very simple. Look at the avatar a

Did...you just ask to be beaten with sticks on a regular basis?  We can most assuredly handle that.

Your al band.

Ysharma is banned for the stigmatization and fear-mongering towards Turtles. Ysharma's formal title: 'Supreme Overlord of Turtles', is an indication that dictatorship is on the rise throughout the sea world and is a clear breach of basic turtle rights to vote their leader. Coupling with his terrifying (but still kind of cute) avatar that obviously indicates a war-like nature to the turtle race. Any Human that comes across this avatar will surely become aware of the oppression and uncivilized world that is the ocean. Therefore, this leads to their demise and extinction as a race due to the lack of Human donations to Turtle Conservation and will undoubtedly stigmatize their kind to a point of no return.     

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