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problems on a small server

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i am running a small tekkit lite (5.7) server for my friends and myself and over the last few days i have ran into a bunch of problems that i cant seems to fix on my own.

was wondering if others have these problems or know how to fix them.

lag is a high problem on my mind but i have a semi handle on it and short of buying a new CPU cant fix that.

something thats happened lately is the info panels used for the reactors are not updating at all

(have to take the location card out for it to update and sometimes not even then)

also i keep getting an error from ic2

"[iC2] energynet.emitenergyfrom: ic2.[email protected]434b6f24 is not added to theenet" dose anyone know what that one means or how to handle it.

also is there a way to limit the max flying speed? a few of my players have made "glide suits" out of the power armor, and they can travel at about 10 chunks per second at max speed, this really bogs down the server.

thank you for you time

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