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[1.5.2] wirenut.org Custom Modpack [Survival] [Mature Players] [No-Whitelist]

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The official Mod Pack for the Wirenut Server



This is a tekkit lite based server with some added mods! Be sure to download the custom modpack!


The rules are simple - No greifing and no laggy contraptions (Impliment an off switch for all redstone contraptions)

Banned Items:

The only banned items we have are - Nukes (For obvious reasons) and World anchors (As this can lag the server terribly) We dont like to ban items however sometimes it is necessary to keep a stable running server.

Server Info:

Server IP: wirenut.org

Owner: bcbuckles

Admin: Siriuo

Setup Instructions:

Step 1: Download the Technic launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/download.

Step 2: Select the add pack option from within the Technic Launcher.

Step 3: Paste in the Platform URL which can be found above)

Step 4: Fill in your username and password for minecraft and hit Launch

Step 5: Connect to the server using the IP wirenut.org

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Could u consider adding optifine into the mod pack I tried and failed miserably I have done it before it just dont register

If we can get it working in our next update we shall add it. Thank you for your suggestion.

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Here is our recent changes we have made to the modpack and server!

Version 1.1.4

Fixed Crashing on login to server

Version 1.1.3

Fixed Duplicate mod issue

Version 1.1.2

Updated MFFS to try and fix incompatibility with ARS

Version 1.1

Updated all existing mods

Added MFFS

Added Twilight Forest

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Hey server Down there is alot of stuff going on with websites and stuff not working what's going on

The Technic pack website must have been down, seems to be okay now though.

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We have recently updated our modpack over the last few weeks to include minecraft 1.5.2 we have tons of new mods and we will expand with additions as time goes on. Make any suggestions for mods on our forums visit http://wirenut.org

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