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Protecting spawnpoint from explosions?

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Voltz is one of the most challenging servers you can make due to the ICBM mod. As zeus said, you can use worldguard with the bukkitforge plugin system, but due to bukkitforge being beta, it only protects against player interactions. No current plugins or server mods are able to protect against voltz explosions, the best chance would to cleverly use world guard to keep bombs away from the spawn, and use emp towers+radars to defeat any missles. As for normal explosions such as creepers and tnt, use essentialsprotect and you can disable many explosion threats.

Hope this helps ;)

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use /modflag setregion NAME RADIUS and /modflag set NAME ban_icbm true instead of banning everything

Yes this is the best way to do it although  /modflag set NAME ban_icbm true no longer works.

You have to manually put in every flagit only takes like 5 minutes though. Just wanted to keep the community of voltz server owners updated! :D

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