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Mark 2 no coolant reactor setups?


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I'm trying to run a couple reactors on my server (I'm the guy that deals with the dangerous material on my server :D) and it seems Mark 1 isn't outputting enough to quarries to get enough uranium to run the cycle full. What I mean is, we have four reactors, each require 24 Uranium (running on dual cells), and they're half finished, but we only have uranium to run two of them for the next cycle. If IC2 reactors are like how they used to be, Mark 2 reactors are more efficient, so I'd like to upgrade to them. (Don't worry, I know how to manage the heat with redstone.) I did some googling, but all the Mark 2's I found were from the old Nuclear system with the old uranium and coolants. I've tried making my own designs, but I've only come up with Mark I's, Mark IV's and Mark V's, all of which are too dangerous (though if I have to, I can set up Mark IV's with the thermal monitors.).

I would like to see what you all use for your reactors.

Note: Before you say it, we find Solar Panels kind of cheating (except on blutricity), and Geothermals don't generate enough. (Our powersuits and power tools use a lot of power.) Also, I prefer using Overclocked heat vents with Component heat vents. Easier to manage than coolant.

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