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Disabling RP2 volcanoes?

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Technically yes, but it would involve disabling all of red power 2 world gen stuff. For some reason, eloraam has decided that if you want rp2, you get volcanoes and those giant rubber trees, so there is no way to disable them without also disabling nickolite and anything else that RP2 generates, which would make advanced machines impossible. I don't even see a place in rp2 config to control world gen as a whole though, so I suspect that if you have rp2 in your game, you get volcanoes.

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Ya, the basalt doesn't replace anything, it just slaps down on top. If you get to a volcano right after it spawns you can actually pick up quite a bit of stuff, all the animals that get suffocated drop their loot plus any trees that die also drop saplings/apples. It practically pre-harvests the surface and dumps the loot on top of the basalt.

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