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Make Me A Pack? Please, You Kind Souls <_<?

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It was either Galacticraft or Flans Mod. And it told me "Can't find these mods: Forge". So I upgraded the Forge version and a full force of FML's butthurt hit me. And after that my launcher started having troubles (wtf?) so I deleted .technic and redownloaded everything and I started anew xD.

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That can sometimes be the only way. I went through about twenty FML's before I finally got it to work.

I've been relatively lucky with my modpack. Everything worked fine with the first version of forge I used, and I only updated to a newer version because one of the mods had certain blocks that were invisible unless I did.

Also, as a side note:

once its complete cant u upload to technic webisite in the modpack section and post the download url here the one which u type in the launcher

You need to learn how to grammar.

Edit: Actually, I'll even help you. I think you're trying to say,

"When you are finished with the modpack, isn't it a possibility to upload the pack to the modpack section of the technicpack.net website, then post the Platform URL here, being the one of which you use to type into the launcher to be able to play it?"

And to that I say, Yes they can. In fact, that's the entire point of the Technic Platform.

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Sorry, was being offline from the Forums. Being in Devon for a holiday means no Internet. Also forgot to bring the files with me so... Yea....

Oh, I thought you abandoned me xD. I'd appreciate it if you could get my modpack to work though. I've had no success and have tried multiple times :/

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