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Anyone know a game like this?

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I've searched and searched for a game like this and my efforts have left me with no results so now I ask the public:

Does anyone know a game that's like crusader kings (so it's turn-based) in a political sense but set in this time period. I don't mind the combat not being very tactical but if it has combat like a total war game or something close to that then that'd be fantastic. Oh and having nukes in-game would be nice too...very nice...

Anyway that'd be really helpful if someone knows about a game like that, I'm considering getting into game development so if there isn't I'll probably make a game like this.

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It's actually science fiction, colonizing a distant, alien world from a splintered colony ship whose leaders are personnel that worked under a captain that sacrificed himself to save the colonists.

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im a very big fan of CK2 myself, and there isnt many games like it besides other paradox strategy games, but i do recommend mount and blade: warband. its a game where you create a character and your goal is to become a lord/king in medieval europe (its set in a fictional area with mostly european based kingdoms but there is a middle eastern faction and mongol faction) by recruiting an army, training it and eventually when you get enough renown you are able to become a vassal for a king.

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