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Newbie question. Transport water from one place to another?

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Hi. I just gotten tekkit and played with for like two hours and I have a question.

Is it possible to transport fluids like water and lave to differend places? And I dont mean tanks by the differend place.

Let's say I want to make a giant pool behind my nice, 8 story mansion, but dont really want to mess around with pouring it. So I put the eguipment required to pump the water from, let's say the local lake and make it [the water] go into that pool. It that possible to be done with tekkit?

Sorry for such a dumb question, but like said, I'm just a noob at tekkit atm.

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I think buckets would still be your best bet. If you can figure use the 2 x 2 water idea and implement it on a larger scale, you could start in one corner and make the pool large enough to work for you.

Granted, your pool would have to be 1 block deep while you fill it, but then you could easily set up a quarry and watch it while it digs down a bit for you, stopping it when it has reached the desired depth.

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