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Searching specific modpacks

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I'm trying to find a cool modpack with some specific things. First of all, the Platform-Site is really cool, but I'm really missing some Search options for the modpacks.

So if you know a modpack which fulfill following conditions, please tell me:

- mc v. 1.4.7 Client & Server

- I love a high mod-count, but also good server-stability. I know a no-error-guarantee is impossible, but the modpack should be kinda well tested.

- The idea of Tekkit Lite, that you can build a factory, that does everything for you is awesome. So nearly everything what is in there should be in that modpack, too. If there is missing something, just tell me, and maybe tell me why.

- Added Metallurgy2 in a smart way to make things easier. I don't want additional iron-furnaces that confuse new players with weird Recipes. And no duplicates of copper and other ores in caves. Most important things are the crushers, platinum chests and the new piston-recipes. Rest is optional. Nether and EndOres are cool. Maybe Celenegil and Tartarite.

- Why is nearly nobody using the simple "Backpack"-Mod?

- Maybe Forestry? But not that important, because that mod can be very broken I think?

- Some cool RPG or Magic Additions. I don't know if DivineRPG is a good idea, maybe there are other cool things.

- If you want surprise me with other cool stuff

- I will probably play with 5 - 12 people

Maybe I expect too much.

But thank you in advance and best regards

(English isn't my first Language)

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To me, it sounds like a bit like FTB Ultimate and Magic World on the FTB Launcher. FTB Ultimate is sort of a mix between Tekkit and lots of magical mods. Now, I'm gonna be honest, I'm not good with servers and that sort of stuff, but what I do know very well, are mods and modpacks.

I'm gonna be honest again, I don't know what you mean with "duplicates". I can translate it to my mother language, but I don't really know what you mean with it. Can you please explain? English isn't my first language either.

If you want to know the mods the FTB Ultimate and Magic World contains, you can tell me. My internet connection is in bad shape right now, so I can't really type them in at the moment. And if you already know them, maybe you'll see that they match a bit with your list.

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Oh yes, I think Feed The Beast was recommended to me once. I will look at the mod list to that again.

A duplicate of Copper is just a different Copper with which you can do the same. When you got two mods that add copper and they use the Forge Ore Dictionary, it's a duplicate for me. ;)

Thank you

edit: but Metallurgy is missing there :/

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