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Tesseract question

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Well I'm trying to do away with the transport pipes and waterproof pipes to reduce lag, so I've spent the last few days figuring out tesseracts, building them, etc.

However i've run into a bit of a snag...

Right now I'm experimenting with 2 liquid tesseracts, 1 magmatic engine, 1 pump, etc.

trying to pull lava from the nether to the overworld into 1 single magmatic engine to charge up a red cell.


Heres what I have in the nether:

basically a pump, powered by 4 redstone engines (yes there is a hole under it) pumping into the tesseract, in send only mode, on the freq of the tesseract connected to the magmatic engine, in receive only mode.

redstone current part is disabled on the menu so it should be on all the time...

not sure what i'm missing here.

any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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