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Some thoughts/feedback on modpack philosphy

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Exactly. And it's not so much that there's a problem with having a lot of mods, just that there aren't really any modpacks with a small number of mods. I was just throwing my opinions out there, not trying to tell people how to play the game. If you like have 100+ mods and 5 different blocks to do the same thing, that's fine.

You don't understand WHY people have modpacks that have machines that do similar things is the thing. Every mod gets it's job done in a different way. It isn't literally mods that do Identical things, (IE, having two mods that add electric engines or whatever,) it is different ways of getting things done. Thermal Expansion machines make for nice, compact builds that typically work slowly. IC2 machines make for larger setups that work very rapidly. To each, their own, but everything you say further shows you just looked at mods lists, looked at the basic functions of what each mod does, and then didn't fully experience the other modpack.

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I find that the Technic Packs are general packs, not specilised on one area of MC Mods. But most mods, while achieving the same end goal, have different ways of doing it. Such as IC2, TE and Factorisation. They all have ore processing, but IC2's is fastest, but not that compact, TE is compact but quite slow (but still quite fast) and Factorisations is not compact, slow but can make 3x ores. Different Ways, Same Goal.

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