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Dota 2 US Newbie PUG group


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Alright, recently I've gotten into Dota, insanely fun game and all that. After learning all the mechanics, I thought to myself "Why don't players of my matchmaking level do x/buy y/choose z?" This is because most people do not bother to check out most of the mechanics of this game. I figure others are in a similar situation where they aren't good enough for traditional pug groups, but are fed up with matchmaking.

That's why I created this group. This isn't for people that are amazing at the game, or know nothing. This is for people at a low to average skill level. In the steam group, you will be able to organize matches, and I will organize matches myself once in a while. There are a few rules defined in the steam group, but they aren't too restrictive.

The steam group is located here: http://www.steamcommunity.com/groups/d2usng/

Have fun, and invite your friends!

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That's good. By pugs, do you mean pubs? This is a pug group for avoiding pubs :P.

I'll cIarify, I get by ok in public match making (11 wins 9 losses) but by no means would I call myself an above average player in terms of skill.

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