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[1.1.3 / 1.1.4] Voltz Wars [No mods or items removed] [20 slots]

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Thank you all for you applications. Now it's up to the 8 players who don't have a teammate yet, please make up your mind as soon as possible.

Also we would like you to tell us if you have any special suggestions. We will be back soon with more details.

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i'd love to join but please be warned im a noob and would like to teamed up with an exprienced player

my minecraft username is jjbuchko

also will you tell us when the server is full i really don't want to miss this

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We have reached the maximum capacity of players for this season.

Also I am having bit of trouble with the server (it stops every 30 minutes for no reason), but I will open the server for testing today.

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Team #1 slax__, Wingblader

Team #2 Sergen23, SirWallnut

Team #3 Terrorpwned_, mooibi

Team #4 Tessarron, tessmarka

Team #5 Diggydog23, SteadyGamer

Team #6 DT_Darkness, Angel Raziel

Team #7 BurnzBoyz23, Thefatpotatoe

Team #8 Da50N1, CmdJackson

Team #9 UndeadKnightmare, TheEpicNer77

Team #10 knight1496, LoneRedSgt

If you are not using IGN in this forum please post your IGN so I can whitelist you.

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I am currently working on the map, just marking out island where we are going to play. The server worked fine when we were playing with couple other people, so I hope it will keep up with 20 (I guess there wont be all 20 people on at the same time). We are going to test it today so... :)

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