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Hey there. I run my server just fine and dandy i can do everything but when my friend joins in you cant break anything or stuff like that. When he types i see it but he cant see anything he types. Its like he is frozen although i can see him break stuff. Same thing with me vice verca.

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Try using another Virtual LAN Service, "Tunngle" might do the trick if you're lucky!


You could do stuff to the router/modem and open some ports to bypass the need for VLAN..?

Also, check that all connectiong player's have got the latest version of java, older versions may not work as well..

Best of luck!

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It's a problem with BuildCraft, nothing to do with Hamachi, using Tunngle won't help. BC's oil sends millions of packet updates per second to players for no particular reason. Once all the mods are updated to 1.5.2, this problem will go away.

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