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[1.0.3]Basic Tekkit[PvE][8 slots][Whitelist*]

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We are a basic Tekkit server with no Complications.

We can include plugins, only after a vote.

What we offer:

- Nothing banned

- Nothing removed

- No game changing plugins

- Straight up support

How to join:




[Why do you want to join]

[MC username]


Online Times:

- We are not 24/7 but we try to be online as much as possible.

- We open the servers if a player requests (On Skype)

- If i'm not Online then just wait it out. I might have a

Internet outage or am at School.

- On at weekends 24hr

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[Name] Thomas (Just call me Coco)

[Age] 12

[skype] Pinkie_Pie12570 (I share an account with my brother, who's a brony...)

[Why do you want to join] I love whitelist servers with nothing banned. They are Ideal to me. I really like playing Tekkit with little communities where you just screw around without worrying about random people screwing up the server.

[MC username] Coco12570

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[Name]- Chase

[Age]- 15

[skype]- Do we have to have one? If so I will make one.

[Why do you want to join]- I am trying to find a rather small server with not a lot of people so there is less chance of grief. I want to play with a small community with all the mods or most of them. I don't want to worry about finding a tree 100 blocks from spawn. I want it where there isn't a big messy server where you walk out of spawn and see destruction.

[MC username]- Chaseat

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Name: DS(I don't like using full name)

Age:19 in about 8 days

Skype yes, but I don't talk with mic

Ign: xNecarox

Why: I want to try to the new mod pack and not get greifed/trolled when im playing, and I would want to try out something in this server that i normally cant do with a nonwhite listed.

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[Name] Nick

[Age] 14

[skype] supernick317

[Why do you want to join] Want to join to learn the new tekkit better, to have a good time, and eventually make short youtube videos of guides about tekkit if that's ok with the admin/ owner... Hope to see you on the server soon! sounds fun!

[MC username] supernick317

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(age)9(please don't say no because of my age)


(why you want to join) I hate most large servers. on small ones you can make friends and builb more stuff and get to know people and work together or fight, but it's fun+I can contribute.

(IGN) Gandaf132

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