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[1.0.3] Forgecraft Tekkit [Factions] [64 GB RAM] [PvP] [No Dimensional Doors / Myth Craft]

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IP: Play.forgecraft-Tech.com:25566


We are a Tekkit server, called Forgecraft Servers. We have Factions installed to allow you to Grief / PvP all you wish! You can protect your land, raid other land, grief, PvP and more.

We have an amazing red brick spawn, Check it out with the pictures below!




Baned Items:

1. Dimensional-Doors

2. Descriptive Book

(2 Banned Items, That is it!)

Forgecraft Tekkit is the first Factions server of its kind. We have a custom ported version of factions to allow you to protect your land safely, so you can be assured that your work will always be protected. We have the griefing element installed, so be sure to maintain a large enough power to land ratio!


1. No Hacking.

2. No Duplicating.

3. Have a hell of a good time!

4. Respect the Staff.

We have been up for 4 months hosting other tekkit servers, we run on 24 GB of DDR3 ECC ram to provide no lag, and we are up 24/7!

Our dedicated servers use I7 processors, with 24 GB of ram and the most advanced data-center internet connection to allow you to enjoy a lag free experience on the best modpack of them all.

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