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TheGoldyIron [20 slots][24/7][No-Whitelist][No-Banned-Items][Free-Protections]

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DO NOT be disrespecful.

DO NOT GRIEF other players.

Do NOT destroy the Tekkit world areas without repairing them to be somewhat well. DO NOT build poor or otherwise ugly buildings, build your best, upon our wishes if we do deem your buildings of poor quality we will remove them, and the removal will be final, you may build a more worthy building elsewhere or on same spot so long as it meets out standards.

DO NOT ADVERTISE, advertisements are strictly forbidden, not even a single IP allowed in the chat!

Disabled modifications: TreeCapicator (TreeCapicator is a modification that allows the player to cut one block of tree to fell the whole tree, we have disabled it to prevent lagg when lumberjacking.

Restricted items or features:

Enderman-Grief: Disabled

Creeper-Block-Damage: Disabled

Fire-Spread: Disabled (can be turned on in specific region)

Zombie-Door-Destruction: Disabled

(Border-Limit at 4500 radius from spawn)

Major plugins of TheGoldyIron: Worldguard, Worldborder, iconomy, mcdocs, PEX, Herochat.


TheGoldyIron is a HARD difficulty survival Tekkit server, newly released and awaiting your adventures in it! You will be led into a the spawn area and then you may do as you wish, build, craft, aim for the stars! Be sure to obey the rules of the server and naturally, enjoy our Tekkit server.

Operators: Sweden4, Sk8bord95, Jespifer

We have mumble, add this( IP to your mumble and connect.

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I believe the problem is solved! You can again try to join :) The server SHOULD not have extreme lagg..

Removed the temporary White-List :)

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We do not support any teleportations. But what we do support for you is protections of your creations. If you like fast travel to your home start using your imagniation! Build trough the 8 blocks faster nether, or the very fast dimensonial portals (you probably gona need to learn this)! :)

Oh, staff members will be allowed to teleport to you incase you need a protection or just need basic staffmember help. Teleportation will only be used to help players! :)

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