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Whats coming up in Minecraft ?!

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Greetings. I am KiraZorro. Across the seven seas of the internet, Mojang emplyees often spread the news of possible additions to Minecraft. Although some of these end up descending into the depths of the cosmos, never to be seen again, the majority arise in some form or another in a future update.

In this thread I will attempt to keep you informed about snapshots, and small additions that are being thought of, or are being added into the PC version of Minecraft. I may eventually spread over to the Xbox and Pocket versions, but as PC guides the way with new stuff, that will be the first port of call.

Lets get started, shall we?

In The Snapshots

So, what is approaching that has so far only been released in snapshots?

New Launcher - This is a big one, planned features include better use of custom sound packs, and (eventually) access to every version of Minecraft ever (replacing mods such as MCNostalgia)

Horses - And armour for them.

Minecraft Realms - Although not technically in the snapshots, This is a planned feature that Mojang will supply, providing easier server hosting without the worry of third parties.

Hardened Clay Block

Deserts are becoming "More deserty", currently unkown what this involves. I assume more sand.

Hay Bales

Carpets - Finally! I solution for all those "My ceiling is my floor, but they have to both be the same!" issues!

Changes to "Respiration" enchantment.

Leashes - To attach animals to posts to prevent them running away.

Possible Additions

Most of these are little projects. Most will enter Snapshots.

Coloured Wood - Personally, I think it looks ugly.

EDIT: Apparently coloured wood is being forgotten, but it still stands as a possibility.

I would write up all those things Notch suggested back in the day (Such as extra Dragons) but as things stand Jeb has no apparent interest in bringing them forwards.

I will edit this post, plus add a new post to the thread whenever something new comes up, usually the snapshots, but maybe if somethign good comes from a developer mini-project.

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