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have you ever........


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I want to start by saying I love this mod pack, it has everything!

Now the reason for this thread is simple, if you have seen, found, heard of, experienced, or other wise want to talk about something strange happening to you in this mod pack, post here.

See, I had just finished my basement machine shop, but needed a few items to continue from the nether (nether brick). So I built a portal, and scurried on through. I made my trip short cause a ghast was hanging out near by a little too close to my portal home, and I didn't have a bow. apparently I should of hung around a little longer ot let world gen acctually gen, because upon returning to the overworld I was greeted by this.....


Not only did this follow me back through, but it brought with it all its spawners, and 2 ghast.....

I went straight into creative, flew up and rid the over world of 2 out of place ghast.

any one else ever had a similar occurrence?

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I had one of these appear near my base, but i assumed I had jsut not noticed it... now it seems it spawned after you went to the nether? Interesting.

So yeah, having ghasts floating off in the distance while watching from the top of my work building was fun. :)

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There's a fun bug in dungeon pack that was fixed just recently: when a dungeon pack dungeon would generate in the nether it instead generates at the same spot in the overworld. :\ So exploring the nether has a bad habit of dropping nether temples and stuff in the real world.

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